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Seminar “Knowledge Transfer and Generation of Innovation in and for the Organic Sector” in Cesis, May, 2012

8 – 9 May, 2012
Hotel “Kolonna” Cēsis, Latvia

For an updated discussion on the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP 2014 - 2020) and on the role of organic farming, an international seminar took place in Cesis with an aim to raise awareness of European legislation of organic farming, decision-making processes in EU and the opportunities of influence, as well as to launch a discussion on innovative solutions for the promotion of organic potato growing in Latvian and Estonia.

The main speakers of the seminar were Christopher Stopes, the president of International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements EU group (IFOAM EU), and Marco Schlüter, IFOAM EU director, providing an overview of organic farming in Europe and the possibilities for the new programming period.

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