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Organic Potato Starch

Organic – the way you think

Native potato starch from Baltic region | Produced in EU, according to the EU Organic Farming Regulation

Potato starch is made through an extensive process of washing and then separating the starch present in potato cell walls so that it can be produced into powdered form. Culinar organic potato starch is produced exclusively from potatoes grown in the organic farming in the Baltic region – Latvia and Estonia!

Gluten-free organic potato starch is ideally suited to use in the food industry, as its water binding capacity is superior if compare to other starches.

Main applications: Meat industry (sausages), Bakery (cakes, pies, bread, cookies), Dairy, Fruit preparations, Sauces and soups, Confectionery, Baby food.


Organic potato starch:

  • Clean and pure raw materials – organic potatoes grown in Baltic region
  • High quality in accordance with organic standards
  • Close cooperation with contract organic farmers guarantees the quality of potatoes
  • Tracing process from farms to the product
  • Close inspections at every stage
  • Certified in accordance with:
    • EU organic farming regulation No.834/2007
    • USDA National Organic Programfor the US markets
    • Kosher requirements


  • One of the biggest producers of organic potato starch in Europe
  • Certified quality system (BRC)
  • Sponsor of IFOAM EU Group
  • Support for Technology platform for organic food and farming - “TP Organics”

The sales of the organic potato starch from Culinar is taken care of by Organic Food Finland which has a long experience in international organic business and export.


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Tel: +358 50 5505225