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Aloja Starkelsen

Aloja Starkelsen Ltd is Latvian-Swedish joint venture company founded in June 1991 as the first food enterprise in Latvia with foreign capital. Potato starch factory have been operated in the Northern part of Latvia close to Aloja town since 1937, and Aloja Starkelsen inherited good traditions, best knowledge and expertise. Today it is the largest potato starch producer in the Baltic States.

Potato Growers and Producers Union

Society ''Potato Growers and Producers Union'' was founded in 1997 with the aim to joint the potato growers and processors to work together for coordinated actions of the industry, to promote cooperation and to participate in the legislation of agriculture.

Association of Latvian Organic Agriculture

The Association of Latvian Organic Agriculture (ALOA) was founded in 1995 as a professional involving clean environment preserves, people working in organic farming and supporters of „green” way of living. The Association unites 23 regional departments and representatives of 14 branches. At the end of 2011 the number of Association members reached 1011.

State Priekuli Plant Breeding Institute

State Priekuli Plant Breeding Institute was founded in 1913. Almost a century-long existence, the Institute has accumulated rich experience in crop breeding, crop management and agronomic trials. More than a hundred varieties of crops - rye, barley, potatoes, pea, clover, grasses, etc. have been created for Latvian farmers.  Priekuli PBI researchers and breeders have made a significant contribution to agriculture and soil science. Currently it has become one of the leading and most experienced Latvian research institutions in agricultural science.

Jõgeva Plant Breeding Institute

Plant breeding at Jõgeva was founded in 1920 as an institution dealing with breeding of field crops and agrotechnology studies of field crops in Estonia. Today, the Jõgeva Plant Breeding Institute is the state research and development institution under the supervision of Estonian Ministry of Agriculture dealing with plant breeding and applied plant sciences.

Institute of Economics Latvian Academy of Sciences

The Institute of Economics Latvian Academy of Sciences possess a large experience in the field of research related to study of micro and macro processes of Latvian economy. Our researchers have serious foreruns in study of cross-border interrelations of economic processes in the framework of European Union. The results and conclusions of our researches are used widely by Latvian state institutions and government, private enterprises an scientific organizations. The experts of Latvian University, Riga Technical University and other scientific institutions participate in the projects as collaboration partners.